This Friday September 22nd Leo's Komedy Korner is on the road at Shooters in Harrow, Featuring the very, very funny Leo Dufour & Tim Rowlands & Stoney

Da Silva's Academy of Martial Arts is hosting a "Kick" Off Party to celebrate the grand opening of the new karate school in Harrow, located above the Colchester South & Harrow Recreation Complex.

Join us for a night of laughs with Leo Dufour of Leo's Komedy Korner at Shooters Roadhouse -Harrow. Doors to the party room will open for our event at 8:00pm with a light appetizer bar prior to the show at 9:00pm.

Ticket Price: $20.00 per person

Please contact: Fast Eddie, Ky Nic, Jordan DaSilva, Karen DaSilva to purchase tickets

FRIENDLY REMINDER: We will be hosting our Open House at the arena prior to the Comedy Night from 4:30pm to 7:30pm and are looking forward to seeing

Call Leo or Diane for information at 519-736-8269 or