From his early beginnings on a small farm in Ontario to the present day, Leo Dufour has maintained an innocence that draws people to him. His stage presence can only be described as a childlike maturity, which in anyone else, would be a gross oxymoron.

Leo grew up as an only child on his family’s farm which, for some kids, could be a lonely existence. Being the only child merely fueled Leo’s imagination. He created stories and voices that would become a staple of his material in years to come.

Leo began his long career in high school where he performed for the first time in front of his entire student body. This was a formidable feat for a beginner and, according to Leo; it was a smashing success and fueled his desire to pursue his dream.

Leo graduated in 1975 and married his lovely wife, Diane, in 1977. Leo is a true testament to his two loves, his wife and his comedy. Leo and Diane are still embarrassingly happy to this day.

After a year of roaming bars and nightclubs, (with Diane in tow), trying out material wherever he could find a friendly ear, Leo began his professional career at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Detroit, MI. As he worked his way up the comedy food chain, Leo and Diane procreated. They have two sons who are now grown and flourishing. (One of whom has followed his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry.)

After starting his family, Leo opened his own nightclub venue, “The Komedy Korner”, in Windsor, ON. It was a great success and ran for 10 years. The original club closed and Leo kept booking comedy shows in local night spots and has now reopened the “Komedy Korner” at 1269 Ottawa St. above “Tops of Windsor”.

Diane takes care of the day to day operation of the club while Leo hits the road on his never ending quest to amuse the masses. Since 1991 he has been performing in comedy clubs and doing corporate gigs. His lovable delivery and his man-child qualities make Leo a perennial favorite among young and old alike.

Leo’s material is easily shaped to fit the needs of the job. Whether it’s the “Squeaky Clean Show” or the “Naughty Leo” show, he definitely knows how to handle a crowd. I know. I’ve witnessed it many times, and no matter how many times I see him, he always leaves me laughing.

Leo has been seen on A&E’s Evening at the Improv and Comedy Central.
Leo has opened for Huey Lewis, the Beach Boys, and many others.
Leo himself has told me, “I will be a household name by the year 2050”.
Good luck my friend. I don’t see it taking that long!

(Adapted from a tribute to Leo by D.C.Malone)